Growing AI & Hybrid-SaaS Startups

From aspiring founders to early-stage entrepreneurs, Inter deeply leans into your concept to scale your vision into a thriving business.

Where we invest

Discover tailored real estate solutions designed to meet your unique needs and aspirations.

AI and Human-led Assistance

Our focus is in core human led services backed with power AI datasets, automations and legacy LLMs


DevTools & Infrastructure

Leadership and technological improvements in areas such as consumer, enterprise, AI & ML, cloud, marketplace, and developer tools such as WYSIWYG, builders, or drag and drop expereiences


Vertical SaaS

Dual hybird opportunities for human-led software products tailored to meet the unique requirements for specific industries particularly, healthcare, real estate, education, or construction.


Property & Real Estate Software

Software to build catalysts for operations, maintenance, and financial performance specifically for residential, commercial, and industrial properties with integration of human expertise to enhance processes and decision-making.


Data & Automation

Creative approaches to data, storing data, understanding enterprise data warehouses and adding AI to maximize use-cases and exploration


Architecture & Construction Software

A crucial role in the design, visualization, and documentation of buildings and structures with a dual concept of human-led software solutions that empowers architects, engineers, and designers to create, analyze, and communicate their ideas effectively.


Health Care & BioSciences

AI has the greatest position to disrupt healthcare and go deeper than ever in the biosciences realm. This field encompasses various aspects of life and living organisms both human and non-human.