Investing in the human Aspects of AI.

AI-first program that helps early-stage startups with funding, mentorship, and community by leveraging a new human-forward approach to SaaS-hybrid companies.

We started in the consulting space. As a collective of contractors, we were hired as designers, marketers and product engineers. Over the past 8 years we helped launch 2000 websites and 300+ web-apps. Of those, many startups went on to fundraise over $1 Billion USD.

The winners that broke profit, had a secret PGL model: Hybrid-SaaS. Human craft being the essential part of the tech offering and engrained as a part of the technology experience. 94% of the $1B dollar portfolio we worked on included both a web-app & service-led hybrid model.

In the age of AI, many GPT-wrappers, remove humans from the equation. Good service is a critical part of all businesses. At Inter, we embrace the human-part of AI and help accelerate like-minded founders & teams.