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Our investments are based on market research, founder expertise and direct impacts made on a product or industry level.

All of our applications will be directly reviewed at the same level regardless of monetary leverage, past experience, founding team, past resumes, or technological advancements.

We generally will respond in 2-4 weeks from the initial application with next steps or a "pass" from our general partners.

What to expect
During the batch, startups are sorted into industry specific groups. Each group is led by group partners who advise the founders in one-on-one and group office hours, so that founders get the benefit of an intimate setting. Group partners host group office hours every two weeks and one-on-one office hours as often as founders want.

What startups talk about at office hours depends on the stage of the company and where they are in the business cycle.
Services that are included
It's important to understand our commitment level for every company we work with. We involve ourselves as early contributors to the company, with design & development services along with marketing and social media marketing.

Our deliverables can vary but most engagements include an additional $100K in service credits (in design or engineering hours from our team or network) that is added to the initial investment, and this is budgeted throughout the initial 12 months of the term sheet, tailored to the specific needs.

We include daily communication within each Slack or Airpri communication channel for a direct impact commitment level.

Do not apply if you do not want our direct contribution to physically supporting your project at a partnership at this level.